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Dr. Carlos Gibbs


Throughout the course of his life, Dr. Gibbs has been around dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, snakes and even guinea pigs. Being around all of these animals made him wonder, “What makes these creatures tick?” Ultimately, that quest for knowledge is what led Dr. Gibbs to pursue a career in the veterinary field. Today, he’s the proud owner of V.E.T. Care Hospital, where he has been an independent practice owner for 27 years!

Born in Menard, TX, Dr. Gibbs was raised in San Angelo in a household with his parents and 3 siblings. His father was a horse trainer, so when Dr. Gibbs entered high school, he would eventually get a job working at the same race track where his father trained. This gave him some valuable hands-on experience with animals to better understand them. 

Dr. Gibbs attended Angelo State University, where he would receive his bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. After working in the oil fields for a few years, he resumed his studies and would go on to earn his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University Veterinary School.

While he enjoys several aspects of being in the veterinary world, there are a couple of parts of the job that really keep Dr. Gibbs going. He takes pride in educating clients on the importance of nutrition, as he believes it to be the foundation of pet health. He also likes performing surgery, because it can sometimes offer an immediate resolution to an ailing patient’s problems.

Dr. Gibbs lives with his wife and altogether, they have a total of 6 children and 3 dogs. When he’s got some free time, Dr. Gibbs loves to build and remodel houses and hospitals – he has built and remodeled 5 houses and 4 vet clinics!