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June 15, 2022
Has your pet been microchipped? If not, we strongly urge that you get this done ASAP. Ideally, that chip would never be used. However, if your furry pal was to ever go missing, it could save their life! A Crowley, TX vet discusses pet microchips below.


The numbers on lost pets are quite staggering, not to mention very sad. As many as one in three pets will be lost or stolen over the course of their lifetimes. Microchipping your animal companion greatly increases the odds of them being found and returned to you. In fact, one study showed that microchipped dogs were 2.4 times more likely to be returned to their humans. Microchipped kitties were a whopping 21 times more likely to go home!


The microchips used for pet identification are quite different from those used in electronics. Chips will not reprogram your four-legged friend, unfortunately. Each chip contains only one piece of data: a unique ID. This number can be read with special scanners that are used by veterinarians or animal shelter staff, and is linked to your account in the chipmaker’s database.


Many people choose to get their pets chipped during spay/neuter procedures. That makes sense, as the pet would already be under anesthesia. However, you can also schedule microchipping on its own. The procedure itself is quite simple: the chip will be inserted under your furry friend’s skin with a hypodermic needle.


As mentioned above, chips form a link between you and your fuzzy pal. However, you’ll need to keep your information up to date in the chipmaker’s database. Remember to update it if you move or change your contact information.


Microchips may seem like they would work great with GPS technology. Unfortunately, there’s no way to power them. However, you can get collars that do have GPS. These can be great tools that can help keep your pet from getting lost. Just do some research before buying one, as they all have different ranges, fees, and monitoring options.


Microchips are a wonderful tool. However, they don’t negate the need for ID tags. Tags are not only required by law in many places, they are also the easiest way for someone to contact you if they find your pet! Do you need to schedule microchipping? Call us, your Crowley, TX animal clinic. We’re dedicated to offering great care.