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Purrfect Reasons To Play With Your Cat
May 1, 2022
Is your feline friend frisky and active? Cats are always cute, but they somehow manage to be extra adorable when they are hard at play. As it turns out, holding that laser pointer or feather toy for Fluffy is actually very good for her! A Burleston, TX vet lists some reasons why in this article.


You’ve probably noticed that cats are quite sleepy little furballs. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Your cute pet will be quite active as a kitten, but as she grows older, she’ll become more interested in chasing Z’s than in chasing mice. Physical activity is very important for keeping Fluffy fit and healthy.


Entertainment and stimulation are just as important for kitties as they are for us. Fluffy really has to concentrate to ‘catch’ her prey. That mental stimulation is great for your furry friend’s mind, especially as she ages.


Playing is a fun and adorable way for you to spend some quality time with Fluffy. It’s important to pay attention to your feline buddy, and make her feel loved. Don’t be surprised if your cat acts super cuddly and affectionate after her play session is over!

Angst Relief

Just like people, our furry companions can feel things like stress, anxiety, angst, and rage. Playing gives Fluffy a healthy outlet for any frustration she feels. Think of it as a kitty version of going for a jog or hitting the gym after a bad day at work.


Is your feline pal a scaredy-cat? Playing may really help bring your timid kitty out of her shell. Nailing that difficult run/jump/pounce combination can be a wonderful confidence booster to pets. This is similar to how scoring a goal can help raise a shy child’s self-esteem.


Have you recently brought another cat into your home? Chances are, your resident furball was probably less than thrilled to realize that there’s a new kid in town. Dual play sessions can go a long way towards helping your pets become friends … or at least learn to tolerate each other.

It’s Cute

Last but certainly not least, playing with your cat will brighten your day up as well. It’s almost impossible not to laugh at Fluffy’s silly antics. Is your pet overdue for an exam? Please contact us, your Burleston, TX animal clinic, anytime!