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Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy
April 18, 2022
Did you know that laser therapy is becoming more and more popular in the world of veterinary medicine? This revolutionary treatment uses light waves to initiate changes at the cellular level, using a process known as photobiomodulation. A Crowley, TX veterinarian lists some of the benefits of cold laser therapy below.

Versatile Treatment

Cold laser therapy can improve nerve function, reduce pain, increase healing time, and decrease inflammation. These things can help with many different conditions in our furry friends. It is most often used to treat arthritis, soft tissue injuries, traumatic injuries, and skin conditions, and to help accelerate wound healing.


Cold laser therapy is completely painless, which is of course a huge concern for worried pet owners. Many pets even seem to find the treatments enjoyable, and seem to look forward to their sessions. In fact, some of our patients fall asleep during their sessions!

No Drugs Required

Cold laser therapy is non-invasive, which is one of its biggest benefits. Your furry buddy will need to wear special protective glasses during their treatments, but won’t need to be medicated before or during their sessions.


Modern veterinary medicine is more effective and powerful than ever, but certain drugs and treatments do still have the potential for complications or side effects. There are no known side effects to cold laser therapy.

No Down Time

Cold laser therapy is a quick, painless treatment. Your four-legged friend won’t need any special aftercare, aside from a nap and maybe an extra treat. No after care required!

Custom Schedule

Cold laser treatments can be repeated as often as needed. In many cases, the pet is given therapy several times a week for the first few weeks. Then, the treatments may slow down, depending on how they respond. Of course, every case is different, so you’ll want to check with your vet.

Quick Sessions

Most laser therapy sessions last between 10 and 30 minutes. That makes them easy to work into your schedule!

It Works!

Last but certainly not least, cold laser therapy can really help your four-legged friend feel better. It’s a truly wonderful thing to see an old, stiff pup becoming playful and agile, or to help one of our furry patients recover more quickly from injuries or operations. Do you have questions about cold laser therapy? Contact us, your local Crowley, TX animal clinic, today!